Friday, March 1, 2013

Plant Markers

As I've begun growing vegetables from seeds, I needed to get plant markers.

Burpee's sells 20 for $2.00 at Home Depot.  That's $.10 a marker or stupid money.  I wasn't going to pay ten cents for one marker.

So I went back to the window treatment department of Home Depot and bought a 27 x 30 white mini-blind.  I took it apart when I got home and cut each slat into four pieces.

I paid $2.97 for the mini-blind and got 120 markers out of it.

That came to $.02475 a marker.  Less than three cents a marker is more my style.  And a Sharpie is all you need to write on them, although a regular lead pencil works very well, too.

If I ever find any in the trash or at the dump or offered as give-aways, I'll grab them because plant markers are one thing a vegetable gardener or seed starter can always use.

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