Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dogwood Alley

You may remember The Side Yard.  I found four dogwood trees (cornus kousa [I'm so proud of myself for using the fancy botanical name here]) at Lowe's at 25% off.  They took a beating on the ride home as they got too much wind.  That happens when I'm doing 65 mph on I-95 for thirty minutes.

I watered them well when I got home and placed them in a shady area, which is where they will ultimately be planted.

I have two pink and two white which will be planted 20 feet apart on the edge of Mosquitoville.  I think I have 100 feet or more on this edge and I think we can bring the bed in around 15 feet and simulate the curve of the Japanese Garden to create a mirror effect.  A 1,500 square foot bed... imagine the possibilities!

Dogwood Alley may require one more tree, maybe two if I extend the edge.  This is the southern part of the property but very shady.  Not so shady that the dogwoods won't get the sun they need, but dappled enough that they'll be in the environment most suitable to them.

I'm more excited about this garden than I am about the rose garden (which has been delayed pending soil test results) as I am partial to shade plants and dogwoods.

The biggest challenge here will be what to do with the center (the alley).  I need to allow for a truck to drive up to the bulkhead so that the septic system can get pumped every year or two but I refuse to have lawn.  If I thought this could remain weed-free, I'd leave it alone as I also like the look of dirt.  Maybe I'll find a groundcover (moss?) that can handle a vehicle being on it once in a while or maybe we'll use gravel (not crazy about this either).

Or maybe I'll just create a fire pit seating area right smack in the center that I can move when septic man shows up.

I'm sure as the garden starts to go in, the muse will appear.

Right now, I just gotta plant those trees.  Where's the Skin-So-Soft?

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