Monday, February 4, 2013

Cold Frames

Three years ago, when we were still building the house, my husband told me he had found ten windows on the curbside for garbage pickup.

I told him to grab the windows and we stored them outdoors, against a tree, for three years.

They are perfect for cold frames.

They measure 30 inches square and they were free.

There is loose, peeling paint on these windows so I will have to scrape that off, but other than that, there is nothing wrong with using these windows.  I've also laid a black garbage bag underneath the frame to keep things warmer.

Total cost for each cold frame came to about $25 for lumber, handles, and hinges.  I added handles to the sides of the cold frame so that I could easily move them off the deck when the weather turns.

I have one thermometer, and this morning, while the weather outside was registering 30 degrees, the temperature in the cold frame was reading 50 degrees.

And this is a very, very good thing!


  1. Have been wanting to try this but need to scrounge up some windows. Right now, my winter sowing is confined to my basement and overhead flourescents. Haven't started any seeds but will in a few days. Sweet potatoes that I started about a month ago are sprouting pretty little leaves. Hope to do some slips within the month.

    Outside in my garden, I do have garlic growing that were planted late in September. Have been doing this for a couple years and get more than enough garlic to use in a season. Nearly all sprout and grow. Even have some sprouting in a dry container that were intended for use in the kitchen. Oh well, I guess Mother Nature is calling.

  2. Jarie, check out freecycle dot org. You may be able to find windows in your own backyard! I have never grown garlic and don't know that I would know what to do. I read an article somewhere that made no sense to me. Good to see your gardening is moving along... you must be a better zone than my Zone 6.

  3. I have a few windows but no time or skill to make cold frames =(

  4. I have been wanting to make one, but I still need an old window.

  5. Lissa, find a technical high school in your town. Talk to the Carpentry instructor. He'll let the kids make your cold frames as a project.



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