Monday, February 4, 2013

Cold Frames

Three years ago, when we were still building the house, my husband told me he had found ten windows on the curbside for garbage pickup.

I told him to grab the windows and we stored them outdoors, against a tree, for three years.

They are perfect for cold frames.

They measure 30 inches square and they were free.

There is loose, peeling paint on these windows so I will have to scrape that off, but other than that, there is nothing wrong with using these windows.  I've also laid a black garbage bag underneath the frame to keep things warmer.

Total cost for each cold frame came to about $25 for lumber, handles, and hinges.  I added handles to the sides of the cold frame so that I could easily move them off the deck when the weather turns.

I have one thermometer, and this morning, while the weather outside was registering 30 degrees, the temperature in the cold frame was reading 50 degrees.

And this is a very, very good thing!


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