Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frozen Water Will Not Move

Houston, we have a problem!

The cold has been too much and I think what happened is that the spitter froze and the water is no longer able to come out.

I tried to break through the ice with no luck.  And I was scared of falling in the foolish thing and breaking the ice that way.

I have 26 fish in this pond that I want to save and I'm afraid that the gasses being trapped will kill them.

This pond is approximately 3,500 gallons and 4.5 feet deep so I'm not concerned about ice; just gas.

Weather is supposed to climb to the low 40's in two days and I'm hoping it will be enough of a climb to dislodge the spitter from the Ice Queen and get the water running again.

This is the fourth day of Trapped Fish.  I hope they can last another two.


  1. Here in Minnesota, my ponds freeze over for weeks at a time. I have floating heaters, and during the coldest days, they can't even keep up and become encased in ice. My fish survive just fine. But I just have goldfish, not sure what kind of fish you have. Whatever you do, don't pound on the ice. I learned the hard way that pounding on the ice will kill the fish! Good luck, I hope your fish will survive too.


    1. Amy, the fishies survived!!! I lost one, kept 25. How does pounding on the ice kill the fish? I'll have to read up on that.



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