Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

As I expected, the surge in our temperature (50 degrees this morning) has thawed out the ice around the spitter and we now have a good-sized hole in the pond to allow the gasses to escape.

I have seen no signs of fish but am hopeful.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh Sow Winter

Winter sowing is all about planting seeds outdoors in the dead of winter and saving yourself the hassle of growing them indoors, under lights, and dealing with all the issues that are part of seed growing.

I'd heard about it on another blog two years ago and said it was something I would do "some day".

The day has come.

I've started saving every plastic container I think will work for this and use Miracle Gro potting mix as my planting medium.  The potting mix I have is from last year and I'm hoping that the fertilizer in it that's supposed to last six months is pretty much dead, since fertilizing seeds is not a good idea.

I've set the bottles and containers on the back deck where they get afternoon sun.  I may have to move this to the front deck where they'll get only morning sun as I've read that afternoon sun can really cook seedlings.

The tape I used on the containers is plain duct tape and I've marked the number on the duct tape with a Sharpie.  The tape with the number is on the bottom of each container so that the sun won't bleach it out, but to play it safe, I've also inserted a plant tag inside each container, deep in the medium, where the sun can't get to it.

A lead pencil is probably the best thing to use to make sure your writing never fades, but I didn't think of that until all these markers were done.

The store was selling markers at $2.00 for 20.  I thought ten cents a marker was too much to pay, so I went and bought a mini-blind (23 x 37) and cut the slats to make 148 markers.  Total cost was $2.90.

I'll keep adding containers to the collection and will let you know, come spring, if it was a good move or not!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frozen Water Will Not Move

Houston, we have a problem!

The cold has been too much and I think what happened is that the spitter froze and the water is no longer able to come out.

I tried to break through the ice with no luck.  And I was scared of falling in the foolish thing and breaking the ice that way.

I have 26 fish in this pond that I want to save and I'm afraid that the gasses being trapped will kill them.

This pond is approximately 3,500 gallons and 4.5 feet deep so I'm not concerned about ice; just gas.

Weather is supposed to climb to the low 40's in two days and I'm hoping it will be enough of a climb to dislodge the spitter from the Ice Queen and get the water running again.

This is the fourth day of Trapped Fish.  I hope they can last another two.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Moving Water Will Not Freeze


To keep the koi pond from freezing over, I have let the spitter keep running through the winter.

So far, so good.

I have 26 fish in this pond, which is about 4.5 deep in the center, and although I do not worry about the fish being stuck in ice, I do worry about gasses getting trapped beneath the ice.

These gasses can and will kill fish, so best to keep the spitter spitting.


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