Friday, August 5, 2011

Tomato Invader or Butterfly In the Making

I have no idea what this horrific looking thing is but it was too darn close to my tomato for me to leave it alone.

After all, I've worked hard to grow these tomatoes and ain't nobody stealing my thunder.

I didn't kill GreenThing because, God forbid, it will one day become the most beautiful butterly on earth, but I moved it to another zip code.

If anyone knows what this is, please share, and let me know if it's a Tomato Invader a Butterfly In the Making.


  1. Wendy it is a tomato invader it will kill your tomato plants, I have them too. Sadly I killed all mine and guess what they are back. They are call the tomato horn worm. Google it.

  2. Lisa, I did google it and found that it was indeed a hornworm. So I got my BT solution ready to spray and paralyze it but I couldn't find it. Damn thing crawled away. In any event, now that I know that this is the Darth Vader of tomatoes, I'll be watching, with BT in hand, for the next one. It was creepy looking and it hung on to that stem like its life depended on it.

  3. I cut all the branches where the worms were and drowned them in water. What is BT solution? I also dont want to spray my tomato plants with a chemical. I think I am going to pick my big green tomatoes and let them ripen indoors.

  4. Lisa, BT is Bacillus thuringiensis. Good stuff. It's organic. And all it really is is a bacteria that attacks the intestines of whatever eats it. It's safe for people and animals and the environment but you don't want to pour a jug of it into a stream or pond as the fish and whatever in those bodies of water will suffer the same fate as a caterpillar when ingested. I would think you'd want to keep your branches on your tomato plants, no?



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