Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Perfect Snack for a Japanese Beetle

They are merciless!

Here they have just begun to munch away on this canna (second photo shows the holes).

Good thing I got the photo before they devoured it completely.

I hand pick the beetles and toss them into the pond when the froggies are around.  If I have no frogs basking on a lily pad, then I toss the beetles into a gallon container filled with water and a little dishwashing liquid.

They drown.  The cannas appreciate it.  And I've used no chemicals.


  1. This season in northern CT I have not had many Japanese beetles. An infestation of rabbits, and a plague of mice and voles, but the beetles have stayed away for some reason this year. Have fun fighting yours!

  2. Laurrie, I think I've had four to six beetles this season and for that I'm grateful. I remember in the late 90's those beastly things just devouring an entire hedge of rugosas. They surfaced on June 1 and I must have been harvesting 500 beetles a day. I hung the trap and collected at least 2,000 more in a bag. Went the Milky Spore route and got rid of them within two or three years. But that was another property, another time, another garden. Should they threaten me again at this house, I know full well how to handle those little suckers! We've had no mice, voles, rabbits. I was sure that on this lot, I'd be plagued with all sorts of critters. I think they're waiting for me to finish up and sit back before they pounce.



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