Monday, July 18, 2011

From a Teeny Weeny Seed

From a teeny weeny seed comes all of this.

I don't water the vegetables (who knew I was supposed to do that?) and even with my neglect, I managed to get this to come through.

We are pest and insect free and show no signs of disease, which is a very good thing since I wouldn't know what to do about any of it.

I'm hoping some friends will give me an idea of how often I need to water vegetables.  From the sounds of it, they get as thirsty as roses.


  1. Simply amazing, eh, Wendy, how they grow?? How's the rest going and growing? Miss your posts - you, like everyone else must be busy!! LOL

  2. Busy is an understatement. My mom and her sister are with me for two weeks. Drove to Chicago to pick them up AND the dog. Seventeen hours with a big ol' black lab in the truck. Jeez! Doing all the tourist stuff now that I have a nice window of less work and more play.... Newport, Misquamicut, Boston, and of course, our own Connecticut tourist traps!

  3. Your flower pictures just make me smile, Wendy!! I am lost in the Bloggersphere- so much to see here, beyond the garden. Chicago!! What a great trip and you brought family back with you to boot! Your new pup looks already settled. The deer best choose acreage beyond your 2.63!! LOL I'm beginning to appreciate irrigation systems. Not enough time for coffee and watering in the AM anymore it seems =( lol



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