Monday, July 4, 2011

Dogwood Alley

Dogwood Alley on June 3, 2011
After two truckloads of mulch and one truckload of newspaper, half the bed is done.

I am beat!

This garden appeared to have so many plants when I was putting them into the ground, and now that the mulch is down, it all looks so sparse.

If there is one thing I definitely have as a gardener, it is patience.  And I know that in two more years, these plants will have filled in to their near fully-grown state.  At that time, I can think about adding more, but not yet.  To do so now ensures that I'll be moving stuff later on and I hate moving plants almost as much as I hate deer.

I've added bleeding hearts, brunnera, lamium, hostas, and toad lilies to this garden.  I'm happy to see that the dogwoods are recovering from the horrible ride home on Interstate 95 at 65 mph.
Dogwood Alley on July 3, 2011

I found where our local newspaper stores the soon-to-be-recycled newspapers and went to the "hopper" to get them.  I literally had to climb into a dumpster but there was enough newsprint there for me to mulch all of China and then some.

I separated the slicks from the regular stuff (no shiny paper in the garden) and read a few interesting articles in the process.  I didn't know that our sales tax went up to 6.35% on Friday.  If I had known, I would have bought more plants on Thursday.

I think I'll get the rest of the garden done this week but I have six or seven heucheras left to plant and it promises to be blistering and I don't do well in the heat.


  1. Okay, now you have me laughing at the visual of your perusing the latest news while diving in a dumpster! Ha!

  2. Ha Ha, Laurrie. Did you know our sales tax went up?

  3. Wendy, it looks great! I have been known to dumpster dive for newspapers as well...actually, my wonderful son did the dirty work. However, I have great co-workers that now contribute to my gardening obsession and bring me newspapers daily!

  4. You are so smart to accept the sparseness for now - it will be full and lovely before you know it!



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