Monday, June 27, 2011


The rocks-over-landscape-fabric project has begun.

To use newspaper under these rocks would prove disastrous in a year or two as the newspaper would begin to break down and let the weeds come through.

Removing hundreds of rocks to weed was not an option, so I went with the landscape fabric much to the chagrin of gardeners everywhere.

But this was the only way to do it.

I work in sections and because the bed is "circular", there's a lot of overlapping and reconfiguring of the fabric.  I bought the commercial grade stuff and I rinse the rocks before laying them down.  Otherwise, I'll have soil and one little weed seed will find its way to that specific spot and grow.  This is how landscape fabric fails:  people lay mulch over it which is nothing more than a medium in which plants can grow.  Plants cannot grow on bare rock... they need a medium.

I thought we had so many rocks around here and now that I'm collecting them and putting them to use, I find I don't have enough.

I'm sure as I continue to garden, I'll find more.

After all, this is Connecticut.  And rocks grow after every rainfall.


  1. You're off to a good start with this project. I am among the naysayers about landscape fabric in the garden, but I did use it under the dry creek bed I built. Like you, I piled all my native home grown rocks on top of the fabric. It's the only thing to use under gravel or rocks. Even so, I do get weeds --- they grow in nothing but air between the cracks of the rocks, but not many and they don't thrive and are easy to pull.

  2. Those insidious weeds! I would love to do a dry creek bed. They're so beautiful. Maybe I'll find a way to have a creek "grow" out of the foot of this bed somehow. For now, still haulin' rocks. Broke one wheelbarrow this weekend already. I think my back will be the next thing to break at this rate.



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