Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Pepper Ever

Diva asked for an update on the vegetable garden, and as much as I'd like to report that I have an abundance of fresh food growing by leaps and bounds, the truth is the vegetable garden isn't doing too well.

The carrots I planted are barely noticeable.

The spinach never sprouted.

The onions were there one day and then the next day, the wind must have blown them away because I can't find any of the seeds I planted.

The peppers never sprouted either, so I bought three pepper plants and those look great.

The tomatoes have flowers but those were also plants so of course, I should be able to see something come out of the ground.

I have three cucumber plants and six zucchini plants that seem to have gone through a cryogenic phase because they've been the same size for at least three weeks.

But I have a pepper, and I am happy about that!

I'm not going to give up on vegetable gardening, by any means, but I do believe our soil needs to be seriously amended as this is the same soil that had heavy tractors and trailers sitting on it just a year ago.

I'm happy to report that in addition to the pepper, my weeds are also doing very well in the vegetable garden.

Humble beginnings.... best lessons ever!


  1. Yeah for the peppers. Don't worry about those weeds. Just plop some paper down on them and some hay on top and they go to sleep-for good. Peppers like mulch too:)

  2. Congratulations! I was wondering how you were doing with your new beds. I planted seeds for my pole beans and sunflowers. The beans are doing well, haven't seen one sprout from my sunflowers. Not sure if I planted them too deep or the birds ate them. I planted starters for the rest of my veggies since this was my first year. Plan to start my seeds inside for next year's garden.

  3. Audrey - to me it's ALL a party!

    Tina - the NY Times is piled up in the garage waiting for a place in the garden. Frank was to pick three truckloads of mulch for me from the town dump but time got away from us. He leaves for Japan tomorrow and won't be back for another month or so. Can you imagine the weeds that will be waiting????

    Regina - I planted sunflower seeds and they're all sprouting. I don't think they were planted more than 1/4 inch deep. It took about two weeks for me to see them come through and I didn't water/mulch/nothing. Give it time. We plan to start seeds from indoors come January as well. You and I will compare notes. Deal?



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