Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Favorite Blogs: Heather's Garden

I've just finished my THIRD blog from beginning to end (and it was a LONG one) so I'm ready to write about the second blog I've finished.

Heather hails from Branford, Connecticut so she's a neighbor.

Heather has a kick-ass husband (who went from VPH to Lee over the life of her blog) and kick-ass stepsons (I want SS2 for myself).  Her stepsons give her PLANTS for Mother's Day and is that not a testament to how wonderful these children are?

Here's the kicker with Heather's Garden.  This woman grows 99.9% of all her crops (perennials, annuals, vegetables, and herbs) in POTS.  No lie!  She is partial to herbs, and I think rosemary is at the top of the herbs-I-can't-live-without list.

I had to ask Heather what the problem was with planting stuff right in the ground and she gave me two responses that made sense to me:  she rents and the tree roots suck.

Heather is one funny chick, she makes me laugh so much, and she gets PEDICURES.  A gardener with pretty feet!  You go, girl!

Her mom (Mummer) is a wonderful supporter, sending Heather seeds and plants and God-knows-what-else and she has a really, really good friend over at Ledge and Gardens who is amazing in her own right.  (But that's another story and I'll write about that blog soon enough.)

Heather has taught me a lot about gardening:  perseverance, possibility, probability, and patience.

If you garden and you think you have limitations, go visit Heather at her Garden.  You'll see for yourself.... there ARE no limits.

PS - That photo on Heather's banner are her OWN flowers.  Rock on!

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  1. You're sweet. I'd agree that 99.9% of our edible crops are in pots or raised beds, but we have a couple of perennial gardens in the ground too. You should come visit in person to get the full effect.



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