Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mulch Man Cometh

I adore my husband.

He arrived Friday at 11 PM from a week-long trip to Japan and went to our local Transfer Station this morning (town dump but they don't like it when I say it that way) and got me two truckloads of mulch.  (Our transfer station provides free mulch and compost and for that, I am more than happy to my taxes which are still one of the lowest in the state of Connecticut).

Frank left this morning for another week-long trip to Virginia but by leaving me two heaping piles of mulch, he knows I am very, very happy as now I can move forward with Dogwood Alley.

I have been collecting newspapers and now I'm sorry I told Frank to pay for an on-line subscription to the New York Times.  I don't have enough newspapers.  I'll go to Mystic River Press on Monday and beg, borrow, steal all the newspapers I can get from them.  Then I'll go to New London and get all issues of The Day that I can.  Norwich Bulletin and Hartford Courant are too far from me, but if I have to, I'll hit them up, too.

I gotta get this massive, massive garden mulched.

As it is, I think I'll need another four truckloads to get it done.

It still blows my mind how quickly you can go through newspapers and mulch in the garden.

I'm glad all this stuff is free!


  1. Ha! I was always going to write a post on the eye-opening sheer VOLUME of garden materials that are needed. In the beginning I did not realize how much material you need (mulch, soil, compost, even gravel to cover an area). It was mind boggling to me (and I was trying to cover gardens with store bought bags of mulch, six bags at a time, which covered a tiny corner of one garden spot.) It takes so much STUFF!

  2. Laurrie, nothing was free in Mystic so I had to buy all my mulch/compost/whatever. It looked like such a heap at the store and when they would drop it off, I swore I got ripped off. A tiny corner is right. That's all it does.



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