Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missed My Narrow Window

I am a real estate agent, and thank God, I am busy!

I do everything I can to get weekends off so I can work my gardens.  Banks and attorneys are open Mondays through Fridays so trying to swing a day off during that period is a fantasy.

I think I had five hours of "no rain" today and Frank and I got the dogwoods in and a few other tasks, and then... KABAM!

This is a photo of a flower in the Meadow.  The thing looked like a weed coming up, as did everything else, and you know by now that I pull nothing in the Meadow until I know what the story is.

The bloom makes me think this is Sweet William but it's so far away from all the seeds my Helper planted that it makes me wonder.

If anyone can tell me what this is, I'd be most grateful.

In the meantime, I watch the rains come down and wonder how in the world I'm going to get dinner off the grill and onto my plate.


  1. Well at least with the rain you won't have to water your new trees in. I've started leaving more seedlings in to see if they actually are weeds or not. I'm not sure what your mystery flower is, but it does look like it might be in the Dianthus family. It's pretty whatever it is.

  2. Perfect timing on your part, just love when Mother Nature helps out with the watering duties. :)

  3. I have no idea what your mystery flower might be. So sorry. It is a lovely. Lucky you to have rain. A precious commodity indeed and nice it watered in your dogwoods.



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