Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Meadow - Year One

Things are starting to take off back here and as patchy and blotchy as it all looks, I know in another two years it will be exactly the way I want.

I'm not sure I can still plant wildflower seeds but I know I can in the fall.  So mid to late August, I'll add another few pounds of wildflower mix for sun and a pound or two for shade to plant at the southern end of the yard (trees shade this area more than I'd like but I'm not about to chop them down).

I did notice some nasty little insects on what I believe will be a purple coneflower (not sure about that... remember, I'm not very good at identifying plants by their leaves).  Frank thinks they're spiders.  I think he's wrong.

Cosmos are coming in, and we have a lupine in bloom.

The meadow is here to stay!

1 comment:

  1. You have aphids on that plant and they are very common. They are food for birds and desirable critters, so if you can put up with them and they are not wiping out the whole colony of wildflowers, let them be I think. The top photo shows a very lovely wildflower meadow!



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