Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day In My Father's Garden

Papi, I imagine from where you sit, this is your view of your garden.

Since our last walk through here, I've added two more heucheras (twelve feels more balanced to me than ten).  They have just begun to bloom!

Remember Iris?  Our neighbor?  You and mami loved her so much.  Imagine how happy I was when I found this dwarf Iris to plant near your pond.  Her blooms are spent already, but she'll be back next year bigger and better!

Frank added rocks around the edge and inside the pond to let the froggies and dragonfly nymphs in and out.  Silly salamanders were jumping in with no way out so the stones are good for them, too.

The astilbes bloomed today, such a delicate, pale pink with shades of cream.  They remind me of sherbet.

Frances Williams continues to put on a fabulous show for you today.  All of these have buds, some have begun to bloom, and others are in full throttle.

Even the lacecap hydrangea paid her respects by making an appearance today.  In no time, this beautiful shrub will be cloaked in these tiny, delicate blooms.

The balloon flowers were not ready today, but soon.  Soon!

The Knock-out Rose made up for it!

I lay beneath your tree sometimes and look up to you.

I always looked up to you when I was little and that has never changed.

Happy Father's Day, papi.  You always were, and continue to be, the best man I've ever known.


  1. What a space you have created for your beloved Papi. He will make it look mature and filled in and awesome, in short time. A personal garden is so much more than the plants, so much more than the space it covers. (I'm glad the salamanders have a way out over the pondside rocks now.)

  2. Laurrie, there are no words, but you nailed it. A personal garden is SO much more than plants and soil and chores. I have so many Bad Dad Days where getting out of bed is an insurmountable task. This garden has been so therapeutic, although I assure you, I have watered those plants with my own tears more than you can imagine. I miss him so, so, so much. The garden is the only way I have left to take care of him. Thanks for reading and writing. I appreciate it.



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