Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ever-growing To Do List

Frank left for Japan yesterday and we didn't get the mulch.  So it will be at least two weeks before I'll be able to lay that down.

That should make  my weeds very, very happy.

I had visitors this morning.

Four leaves on two different hostas were completely whacked off in Dogwood Alley.  I went in search of deer resistant plants and all I got was a too-long list of ferns.

I don't like ferns.

They're right up there with azaleas and rhododendrons.  Don't like them at all.

I'm going to leave my hostas in place but I will add a dozen or two heucheras, a dozen brunneras, fifteen to twenty lamiums, and fifteen to twenty pulmonarias.  I hope to get this all planted this weekend.  No husband in the house means no need to cook or do much of anything else.

After living with it for a while, I couldn't stand the Rosebud Azaleas in the Japanese Garden.  I replaced them with liriope.

The dwarf Albert Spruces are bugging me, too, so I think those will be out and planted in larger containers flanking the breezeway.  They looked good there before, they'll look good there again.  So basically, the Japanese Garden is back to Square Three.  The barberries are gone, the azaleas are gone, and the spruces will be gone.

As I alluded to earlier, the weeds are out of control.  We've had some good rains this past week and everything has taken off:  grass, crabgrass, and that unidentifiable weed with a root system that runs a mile long.  The bramble are everywhere.  Chemicals are looking good to me right about now.

If I had the mulch, I could start newspapering the heck out of everything, but I don't.

All of the sunflower seeds have sprouted.  I clearly did not consider spacing whatsoever and these guys get BIG.  Guess I need to add transplanting sunflowers to my "to do" list as well.

I have more wildflower seeds to sprinkle in the Meadow including Rudbeckia and poppies and zinnias.  The cosmos are coming up in the Meadow and the coneflowers have big fat buds on them (aphids, too).

I have to show properties today and tomorrow but I think I can take a day off this week.  Maybe I'll take a shot at going to to the Town Dump by myself and loading the truck with mulch.

But I don't think so.  I don't do the grunt work.


  1. Oh, the frustrations of getting new gardens started. Pests, weeds, the grunt work, and all the starting over when designs don't work out. You just want to see some progress! And that doesn't happen for a few years at first. Keep at it, the rewards are great.

  2. You gots to do the grunt work if the man of the house is not around. You'll feel so much better when it is all done-not to mentioin less weeding for later. Which reminds me, I'm here alone and grunt work (in the form of moving gravel) is awaiting. Have a great day!

  3. if you can't get mulch yet... you could just lay down the newpaper and dump a few clumps of soil on top to hold it down until you do have mulch.

  4. Wendy! How's the state of the 'Pepper'??



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