Thursday, June 16, 2011

Endangered Species

The dragonflies crash into my windows and die.

I need to hang something so the silly things will stop doing that.

Every time a dragonfly dies, fifty mosquitoes that survive.

Why can't the damned mosquitoes crash into my windows and die?


  1. That's odd. I wonder why they are crashing into your window? Maybe put one of those tinty things on the window to make a reflection. Poor things. They sure do a good job of eating the bugs-durned mosquitos.

  2. They're massive sliders, Tina with no curtains or blinds or treatments of any kind. Birds crash, too. I hung glass Christmas ornaments on the regular windows but I have nothing on the sliders. I'll do something. Breaks my heart to see a dead dragonfly out on the deck. :-(



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