Friday, May 6, 2011

When Husbands Opine

Frank wants to know why we need a pergola in the rose garden.

I told him 90% of what's out there isn't anything we NEED.

It's just stuff I WANT.

The pergola, however, IS a need.


Because the New Dawn climber (a WANT) grows twenty feet.  I don't even know what twenty feet looks like but I know that my eight-foot obelisks are not 20-foot obelisks.  Therefore, we NEED a pergola.

Husband has opined.  Thinks it will look TOO BUSY.


So we're off to draw in the pergola on the ground.  Gonna do my best to paint the picture for him.

And then I'll hand him the post hole digger.


  1. It won't look too busy. Tell him I said so.

  2. THAT'S where my jeans went! LOL Is this the 'after' pic? Holes dug?

  3. Ha, I have a feeling you will get your way one way or another. ;)

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