Friday, May 20, 2011

What Grows In The Abyss?

Delphinium consolida/Giant Larkspur Imperial Mixture (a)
 You know that I have been obsessing, quietly and loudly, about the abyss.  I got some good comments on this, some good ideas, and am really loving the "swaths of a single plant" idea.

Things are budding and blooming back there, and since I can't really tell the difference between a weed and a non-weed (and who determines what a weed is anyway?), I'm posting a few photos and maybe someone out there can help identify these things.

Chrysanthemum maximum/Shasta Daisy (p)
hrysanthemum maximum/
Chrysanthemum maximum/Shasta Daisy (p)

Silene armeria/Catchfly (a)

Silene armeria/Catchfly (a)
Cheiranthus allionii/Siberian Wallflower (p)

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