Friday, May 13, 2011

Teeny Weeny Herb Gardens

You remember how it is I came to inherit these "pots".  (If not, you can read about it here.)

I've planted my five little herb gardens in these pots and hope that as the herbs fill in, the whole container will look lush and full and beautiful.

These pots aren't very deep, only four inches, and so I'm not sure that these herbs will have enough room for roots.

If they fail, I'll know to stick with annuals next year and go with something a little bigger, deeper for my herbs.

I think we only bought six or seven plants and divided them amongst the pots.

We've planted basil, sage, cilantro, flat-leafed parsley, rosemary, Greek oregano, and dill.

I used plain old garden soil (from that big heap at the foot of the Rose Garden) and made sure I had enough rocks and pebbles to allow for better drainage.  (My understanding is that herbs prefer a little abuse as they're nothing more than glorified weeds.)

I added an annual (Dusty Miller or petunia) in the center of each pot for reasons that are not clear to me, much less clearer to Frank who really thought Dusty Miller might be some cool, new herb to try.

These pots haven't grown on me yet.  I like pots to be full, full, full but if I think the depth will work, I'll add more herbs (basil and cilantro) which I've started from seed in other pots.

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