Monday, May 16, 2011

The Rose Garden - Part I

 I have decided that the New Dawn Rose needs a home.

So a pergola is called for.

Frank is not amused.


Because if there is one thing we can grown in Connecticut regardless of drought, snow, wind, sun, you-name-it, it's ROCKS!

He started to dig the first hole for the first post and hit rock.

Big rock.

I called the guy who excavated our foundation.  He said he'd dig the four holes, four feet deep, for $275.  And he said he'd do it this week.

Frank and I agreed.

Better to pay to have this done than spend 12 hours digging, cussing, sweating, cussing, re-positioning, cussing, digging, cussing, kicking, cussing, screaming, cussing, just to hear, the *$^&#)# rock won't move.

Two clematis have been planted around two of the obelisks (President and Sunset) and I think I'd like a Nelly Moser but I'm afraid the sun will bleach it right out.  (This is a sunny, sunny location.)

I'm placing two trellises against the house (to the right of the air compressor above) and growing climbers, although I don't know which ones yet.

Frank may blow a gasket when I tell him I need to screw something into the house.  He doesn't fare well with these things.

When we built the house, I made him put in a heavy-duty hook on the front for a 12-foot Christmas wreath and he agreed to do that because it was done before the Dryvit went on.  But to add screws now, well... let's see how persuasive I can be.

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