Friday, May 13, 2011

The Proper Way To Read A Blog...

is from the beginning.

When I decided at the end of March that I was going to grow a tomato plant, I went onto the World-Wide Web in search of knowledge.

Google "how to grow tomatoes" some time and you'll see what I was faced with.

I never though to search BLOGS for this information, so I clicked on a link that looked kinda cool and I ended up here.

Skippy's the boss but Kathy rules when it comes to vegetable gardening.  I read a few of her most recent posts and then decided to go to the very beginning and read EVERYTHING she wrote.

Skippy's Garden blog goes back to May of 2006.  I had five years' worth of reading to do and I got through it in about a week.

I watched Kathy expand from her kitchen garden to her community garden; saw her try and fail to try again and succeed; learned more about vegetable gardening than I ever thought I would, and had the good fortune to look at beautiful photos, impressive photos, (some shot from her second story window, no less), and as if that weren't enough, I also was able to benefit from her fabulous links and widgets and gadgets (frost date calculators, URLs of things I didn't even know existed, and an online calendar to name a few).

Skippy's Garden and Kathy's blog have inspired me to venture out past the "I Wanna Grow a Tomato" stage into the "I Think I Can Grow Something From Seed", and they have done it beautifully.

If you want to know how to plant and grow a thriving vegetable garden, do latch on to this blog.

And start at the beginning.

You won't regret it.

(NOTE:  I am currently on my third blog and will write about the second one I read after I'm done with the third.)


  1. When I first began blogging and found a new blog I would read all the posts if I could. It sure is nice for continuity but nearly impossible for me to do so now. Blogs are great for information based on experience. I always go to them before professional websites.

  2. Writing about reading blogs? I want to know about landscape fabric.



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