Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The New and Improved Side Yard

 At this point, anything we do with this area will be new and improved.

This is our side yard, south of the house.  We need to allow room for a truck to come all the way up to the bulkhead doors to the basement so that our septic tank can get pumped out.  (You gotta think of all these things before you put a spade in the ground or you'll be sorry.)

I am dimensionally and directionally challenged.

Frank is marking the width of the needed traffic lane and marking where the hose (or whatever they use) will run across the backyard to get to the septic tank.

Okay... so now that we have that out of the way, we also have a bajillion tree roots as you head west.  (The third photo shows one oak tree on the left which is one of four or five we want to make part of this garden.)

Inside the house, the guest bedroom and our TV room will have full view of this area.  It's gotta be pretty.

The area is shady but not deep, deep shade.

I see a dogwood here.


And dozens and dozens of foliage-rich plants:  heucheras, hostas (of course), lily of the valley, and a host of other things that I haven't even discovered yet.

I haven't  measured out the bed yet but it's a pretty hefty project.  And doing this means I don't have to deal with The Abyss just yet.

I plan to add a bistro set in here, something in a verdigris finish (I love the patina when it gets old), and I'd like to hear water, which I think I will as the koi pond isn't far away (last photo shows the deck... that "hole" in the center is our pond).

So our fourth garden is done (most of the work, in our case, takes place in my head) and with a little luck, I'll get the bones in before summer.

The bottom photo shows the andorra juniper (so tiny) that edges our Japanese Garden.  And if you look very closely (or blow up the picture by clicking on it once or twice), you'll see the recently beheaded Japanese Maple.


  1. Well you've got a plan. A pink dogwood sounds lovely. Maybe even two or three.

  2. Yes, Tina.... I think a ROW of dogwoods would be just what Mama Nature ordered.

  3. Love the dogwoods, Wendy! We have a few natural pinks and whites down the switchback in the woods. They look so lovely blooming under the canopy!!

  4. Audrey, wouldn't a row be pretty? Two white, one pink, blah-blah-blah. Just a curving corridor. I like dogwoods, too. Even like them without the flowers, and they're dainty, or at least as dainty as a tree can be.



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