Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Harvest - My First Ever!!!

Daphne has this thing going called Harvest Monday which I never thought I'd participate in until November because it seems all my vegetables are just taking their sweet ol' time understanding that their function to is produce produce.

Anyway, I walked my garden this morning and saw my CHIVES!  Granted, these are pass-alongs but I still think they count.

Daphne goes all out with this stuff, weighing things, calculating losses and profits, as she's trying to figure out if she has the $64 tomato.

Me?  I just plant, pull, and eat.

Happy Harvest Day to all you vegetable growers.  Go stop in to see Daphne.  She's got some beauties to show off!


  1. Beautiful! Aren't chive blooms the best! I think I will pick some of mine today and try Daphne's Chive Vinegar!

  2. Now I have to ask how do you eat these? They sure are pretty.

  3. Tina, just pop it in your mouth. Delicious!!! I wash them first, of course, dry them out as much as possible (although I never put them in a salad spinner) and enjoy! You can "split" the blooms if a full bloom is too much flavor for you. I add them to salads, but others make vinegars. Let me know if you get to taste one.

  4. Of course your chive blossoms count! Congratulations on your first Harvest Monday!

  5. Lori the Dirt Lover, thanks for stopping by. We had grilled pork tenderloin with Dominican rice and beans. The chives and flowers on the beans kicked butt!

  6. I love chive blossoms. And you picked them so of course they count. I should have saved a few for my salads, but I made all of mine into vinegar.

  7. I love them in salads and on baked potatoes. The blooms are a pretty bonus. :)



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