Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning From The Best

Catherine at A Gardener in Progress has a beautiful, beautiful pond.  You can (and should) see photos here.

I have a pond, too, in My Father's Garden.

Ain't nothing beautiful about it.

As I've said before, the edges have been driving me bonkers.  Our is a pre-formed pond that I inherited years ago and never had the heart to throw out.  My grandkids aren't buying into the "kiddie pool" idea so I'm kind of stuck with it.

We buried it in the ground (when the contractors were still here to dig a hole and let me tell ya... they use that bucket thing and it's done in fifteen seconds) and it has never looked right since.

Yesterday, darling Frank (the terms of endearment escalate depending on how much grunt work he's done) walked our woods and found flat rocks.

He lined the pond and I do think it looks so much better.

Before the rocks were placed
Frank also created "steps" inside the pond to give the salamanders and other creatures a way out.

I doubt I'll ever have a Catherine Pond, but you never know.  In a few years, as the plants grow, I may find myself drooling over MY pond as much as I do over hers.


  1. I think the flat stones really made a big difference and the plants will fill in eventually giving it a more natural effect. :)

  2. What a difference those stones make! Looking great.

  3. The rocks really help, especially the big irregular ones. Now some irises, some arching plants like carex and lots of other jumbled together plants to fill the area. And a little time ... then it will be a natural looking pond looking like it was always there. Great start!

  4. I think all water in a garden is beautiful and so nice to reflect the sky. I can see reflections in your pond@!

  5. Wow, the stones make a big difference. I think in time when the plants fill out more, it will be beautiful.

    I'm a follower of A Gardener In Progress, and yes her pond is beautiful too.



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