Monday, May 23, 2011

The Generosity of Others

Thanks to, I have lots and lots of goodies for my garden.

Cheryle hooked me up with sedum, kousa dogwoods trees, burning bushes, chives, and a Rose of Sharon.

In addition, a very nice man told me I could have whatever plants I wanted from his parents' home, who recently passed away.  I couldn't believe it.

I get to bring someone's beloved garden home.  I saw dozes and dozens and dozens of irises ready to bloom and decided to wait until after they're done to get them.

Day lilies in the hundreds, lily of the valley, chives, peonies, all sorts of things that just made me drool.

I could tell these gardens had been well-tended in their heyday.  The shed had clay pots in all sizes, dozens of them.

Full-grown azaleas were putting on quite the show when I got to the property, and even for someone like me who does not like azaleas at all, I had to stop and look.

I will go back and pick up the irises I couldn't get today, and I think, although am not sure, that I will put those in my own Father's Garden.

The generosity of others is greatly appreciated.


  1. LOVE freecycle - the ultimate online swaps! I have been in Daylily hell the past few days myself, Wendy, as I transplant what was given to me a year ago (that has now tripled in volume) from surrounding the veggie garden to their own separate hillside beds. You will be pleased, I'm sure with yours too!!

  2. Yes, Audrey. Picking some up in Old Lyme but I have to dig them myself. Look out the window. Do you think I'll be doing this today? :-p

  3. Wendy, I like burning bush, but I just read that they're invasive, so you might want to do some research before you plant. I have some Siberian irises that will need dividing in the fall or next spring. Not sure they'd be worth an hour drive, but since they came to me from a friend who dug them out of a garden on Martha's Vineyard, they'd be well traveled if nothing else. Let me know if you're coming down the 95 corridor, you can visit the garden in person.

  4. Heather, I would drive a thousand miles for Siberian Irises and ten thousand to meet a fellow gardener. Let's see if this rain ever stops and I promise I'll come out to see you with trowel and plastic bucket in hand. I'll even bring you a container! I know how much you love those, especially if there's an herb in it. Burning bushes are not invasive. The silly things stay right where you plant them. They're boring as hell in the spring and summer, but come fall, they are MAG - NI - FI - CENT!

  5. Freecycle is amazing. I've used it but never thought of plant giveaways. Don't pick up the burning bush, though, or you will have it all through your nearby woods. They don't spred in your own garden like an invasive groundcover would, but they are dispersed by birds in unmanaged woods. Your yard will be ok... no spread of them there where you mow lawns or tend the garden, but the woods are being devastated by burning bush and barberry plants. For the fall color try Itea shrub (Sweetspire)... more colorful than burning bush and pretty white spring flowers to boot!

  6. Wendy, you can't have the Siberian iris now -- I will be dividing in the fall or next spring. But you are more than welcome to come visit, no gifts necessary!

  7. LOL, sorry Wendy, I was out in the rain/heavy mist. Finishing my transplantation.... LOL LOL LOL How'd you make out?

  8. Audrey, you are a braver soul than I. Might have something to do with what happens to my hair when it's exposed to the elements. Remember Airplane with OJ? Trying to get through a door? Yeah... my hair "grows" like that, too, in humidity.

    Heather, I'll make a note of it in my calendar and come fall, we're on. If I come out that way for any reason, I'll let you know. I'd love to see your garden in person.

    Laurrie, I did not know this about burning bush. Never heard such a thing. I'll check out the Sweetspire... fall color is important and flowers are a bonus. The barberry you're talking about was banned in Connecticut in 2006, no? I picked up three Japanese Barberry the other day for the Japanese Garden and plan to pick up three of the Japanese Golden Barberry. These aren't the bad ones, are they? Should I return them? How are they still being sold at Home Depot?



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