Monday, May 9, 2011

Activity in the Vegetable Garden

Cucumber seedlings
It's hard to believe that I could produce THIS!

Nothing is more validating than taking a seed, putting it in the ground, and watching something grow from it.

I just hope these aren't all weeds.

I have a few concerns and questions, though.  I'm not sure I'm watering this garden enough because I don't know how much is enough.  I need a hose.  Moving one house around this house to different spigots is getting old.  And Frank tightened the hose so badly last time that now I can't even unscrew it, and he's out of town.

White on tomato plant leaves
My First Ever Tomato Flower
My tomato leaves have a white thing happening.  These aren't insects and it doesn't look like fungus.  It looks like the leaf has bleached out.  I googled this and found that I either have too much acid in the soil or I didn't harden the plant.  If someone can tell me what the story is, I'd be forever grateful.

I did learn something, though.  Remember when I told you about my first effort at growing tomatoes?  Well.... I guess I wasn't supposed to pinch off the flowers.  No wonder I only got one!


  1. Take a look at this post of mine from last year and see if it matches what you're seeing: Read the comments in particular to see a diagnosis of sun scorch.

  2. Heather, you are my hero! That is EXACTLY what I have. I bought these at Home Depot, too, and like yours, they were healthy and gorgeous. I planted them in the beds and that is some serious full sun action. At HD, they were on those carts and shaded. Okay... I'll build a little tent for it on the west side, as suggested on Garden Rant, and watch what happens. Thanks, girl. You rock!

  3. Definitely sprout cotyledons, Wendy! Water often with a spray bottle until your stout little soldiers are a bit girthier and can handle the hose shower wand- looks great! How's the maple? I'm seeing shoots on some plants I thought were goners here.

  4. Audrey, the freaking Japanese Maple is boycotting me. The bottom half looks beautiful. The upper half looks bad. Looks like a Latin girl.... bottom heavy, flat on top. LOL Anyway, I am a forgiving soul and I think I can prune that sucker and get it to respond. As for my vegetables, Audrey, I never knew I could be so happy about stuff growing. Why did I never do this when the kids were small? I suck as a mom. I picked up a listing in Griswold today and drove through Preston to get there. I thought of you. Will spray until Frank gets home and gets me a hose hooked up, and then I'm on to fancy wands! What sprouts in your world? You NEED to blog, girl. Even if you do ONLY photos. You'll be glad you did. Saw the photos of the babe in dance clothes... YOU, Audrey, are a WONDERFUL mom.

  5. Why thank you Miss Wendy!! Still can't seem to get there.... I managed to plant the wee veggies in the garden yesterday and my hanging baskets going -shade loving stuff, same as planters flanking the front door. Went to Jonquil Farm over your way today. What a great place!! And Timbuck II, pricier this year, but plants are bigger. I've decided on Kwanzaa Cherry, four of them, for the patio. That would be patio deaux, aka sunset patio where each corner will have a tree, a climbing rose, a few hosta to form a dense canopy, seating for 4-6....



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