Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Abyss

What to do, what to do, what to do.

Shots from north to south and from south to north don't make it any prettier.

Three options:

Meadow Garden - requires laying heavy plastic on all this space for the season to kill the weeds and planting heavily in the fall, with seeds.

Sunflower Garden - requires planting approximately 12,000 seeds (yes... TWELVE THOUSAND SEEDS) to choke out all the growing grasses, weeds, etc.

PeeWee and Amistad Gardens - perennial gardens in the traditional sense, which can be started now.

What would YOU do?

NOTE:  Our septic system and leaching fields are back here... trees and woody shrubs are a big no no.


  1. It's easy for me, perennial beds with shrubs and trees for structure.

  2. Tina, thank you for commenting. I've edited the post to state that our septic system and leaching fields are back here so trees and shrubs are out. *grrrrr*

  3. Oh I'd go for the MEADOW!
    And you don't have to use plastic. You can use newspaper, layers and layers of newspaper that decomposes and nourishes the ground too. Greensparrow says you also cover it with compost to hold it down and also help condition the soil.

  4. Mary, so paper first, let everything die, and THEN plant. Right?

  5. The meadow sounds fun, but you can never go wrong with perennials either. Just avoid anything with tap roots.

  6. WOW..... I see a rock garden, Wendy.

  7. Wow! what an opportunity! But I do understand how completely overwhelming this must feel. You will get better practical advice from others. My main thought is to keep things simple, to go with your lovely, sleekly modern house - so big swathes of single plants feels right to me. Good luck!

  8. Wendy, yes I think so. Instructions I'vee seen commonly say to lay out the paper and compost in the fall and then plant in spring. If you're ok with holding off planting no reason you can't start now!
    If you did want to plant something in the area sooner you can probly rip an opening in the paper to transplant it in.

  9. Audrey, a rock garden? You want to see me in an insane asylum, don'thca. Wow... that would be cool, though. Wouldn't it? My friend from the UK... I have always revered you Brits for your gardening style. I love your idea of swathes of single plants. Feels right to me. But which plant? Ohhh..... the pain of decision making. I was seeing sunflowers for a while. And I do have a few (five) wildflowers coming in and don't have the heart ot destroy the lupines, but I guess somewhere on this property I could have a smaller, more contained meadow garden. Contained meadow garden... is that an oxymoron? Mary... newspapers are the best thing since sliced bread. I use them everywhere in my garden: compost bin, bed liners, vegetable food. You name it.



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