Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Yankee Gardener

I am a transplant.  I was not born in this country but it doesn't take long for an immigrant to become a Yankee.

One quick trip to the garden center to check the prices of containers and you are immediately Yankee-ized.

Frank, my husband the pack rat who can't throw much out (because he may need it someday) has had these five Ford aluminum mag wheels for THIRTY-FIVE years.  And of course, because they're in "good shape" and he "paid a lot for them" and "they're really cool", they've been moving from state to state, from house to house, for the better part of three decades.

I have finally found use for them.

They are my herb planters!

He has screened the bottom for me so that water drains out but the dirt stays in, and their ability to hold in heat, minimize moisture evaporation, and their contemporary look make it a smart Yankee choice.

The coffee table is NOT a Yankee choice.  It will be replaced someday.  Really!


  1. OK, I am NOT a fan of repurposed mechanical cast offs for gardens in the round, but these are completely cool! The silver color, the shape and low profile, and the fact there are 5 of them (what car has five wheels?) for massing impact... it all works. They will look great with green leafy herbs. Post pictures when they are growing.

  2. Laurrie,

    I will post those photos. I'm thinking several herbs in one pot as opposed to one herb in each. Mini herb gardens.... purple-leaf basil, cilantro, a touch of mint, oregano. All close enough to the grill that we can use it easily. The fifth wheel is the one that goes on the spare tire. I'm with you... never thought I'd use WHEELS in my garden, but these just looked too good to pass up. Thanks for writing!



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