Friday, April 1, 2011

A Blank Slate

This is the house that we built last summer.

We have ALL the landscaping to do.

There is no lawn.

There are no beds.

There is just dirt and rocks and lots and lots of trees.

Beautiful trees - maples and oaks, and a few ferns.

We have birds and rabbits and deer and racooons.  Skunks, too.  I am sure if no one else likes our gardens, our friends in nature will.

Frank and I are not master gardeners.  We're not even good gardeners.  Frank grew asparagus and basil 25 years ago.  I am sure that knowledge will come in handy on this project.

Our house has more windows than I care to clean some days, and every window offers a view.  Our hope is to offer a pleasant view.

It is to that end that these two dummies set out to create a variety of outdoor rooms with plantings that are indigenous to our Zone 6 area, are relatively low-maintenance, and that are aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Hello, Wendy. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I must say I love your house and your "blank slate". I immediately thought of Frank Lloyd Wright with all your horizontal windows, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you approach this wonderful opportunity. One step at a time has always been our motto; never thought "when will it be done", for even now after 18 years, it still isn't... wonderful process we have enjoyed.

  2. PS: I love the J maple and the large boulder... beautiful placement. ;)

  3. I really DO HAVE TO COME OUT AND VISIT YOU! Gardening is my passion, but I know the hard work that goes into it. We are fortunate here in the Midwest to have the Chicago Botanic Garden (of which I a member of course). I think you can still go online and tap into some of their resources. You never just might find the answers you're looking for.



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