Friday, April 15, 2011


My first attempt at seeds will begin tomorrow.

I thought it best to play it safe and start with something that no one, in the history of the world, has ever killed.


Who knew there were so many varieties of sunflowers?  Or seeds in general, for that matter?  I now understand when others write of the "inexplicable need to collect more seeds even with the full knowledge that there is no room left to plant them".

I saw vegetables, flowers, herbs I've never even HEARD of.

But I went with the sunflowers, and with forget-me-nots for my father's garden.

According to the packages, these should germinate within a week or two.

I think the best solution for our backyard is to plant a meadow with tons and tons of perennials and flowers that reseed easily.  I'd rather mow that down once a year in October then enslave myself to that water hog we call the Lawn.


  1. well, I have recently made history for I have killed one of my sunflowers just a couple weeks back :9

    I have tons of hollyhock seeds that I have decided I'm not going to plant if you're interested.

  2. I'd be more than happy to trade, Mary. :-)



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