Saturday, April 30, 2011

Leafless Japanese Maple

I am concerned.

The lower half of the tree is leafing out.  The upper half ain't doin' squat.

Everything I've read says give it time.  I hope it makes it.

I don't want to have to dig this out and replace it now that all the other shrubs are in place.

I bought this tree last October at Lowe's for less than half price.  It was hurting then but once I planted it and watered it, it seemed to be okay.

We've had ridiculously huge amounts of snow in Connecticut this past winter, and I'm wondering if some these tips didn't freeze and mess up my tree.

No branches are split.  The main trunk is intact.  But it won't leaf out.

Can you imagine how ridiculous this thing would look if the top stayed bald and the bottom grew and spread?  It would look like those old Harley guys with no hair and ZZ Top beards.


  1. It should be fine...I agree give it time. Make sure all dead pieces are broken off and put some mulch around the bottom...they like a little warmth.

  2. I have several woody plants that just won't leaf out, look dead, just aren't doing anything... but just when I despair, they do come to life. Not all; I have lost some trees and shrubs. But I am often surprised. Keep checking your maple, it may be fine, although you did say it had a rough start before planting (and the toughest winter ever). Good luck.



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