Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello, Sedum!

It's pretty amazing what you can find when you rake back a few leaves.

Sedum!  Great little succulent, very low maintenance, and a great way to attract butterflies.

These came from a friend who didn't want them anymore.  He let me borrow a shovel and gave me a plastic container in which to carry these babies home.  They sat in this plastic container for almost a full year while the house was being built, and last fall, after the last of the workers had left, I planted them next to a giant rock.

I wasn't sure these would survive the winter but I'm happy to see that they've hung in there with me.

We will probably end up moving these to a better location as I'm not sure that these will work well with the Japanese theme we have in mind for this area.

The Japanese Maple (Tamukeyama) was picked up at Lowe's last year for $50.  That was almost half price, and it looked pretty grim when I found it in October.  I thought it was worth a shot and I see this morning that the tree is budding quite nicely.

This whole area looks pretty barren right now, but we have a very clear picture in our minds of how it will look once all the shrubs and plantings are in place.

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