Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's a bit much already!

More rain and this won't ease up until 4:00 AM Easter Sunday according to the forecast.

We'll have an eight-hour break, and then at 1:00 PM it all begins again and will continue through Friday.

The ground will be so wet and soggy, I won't be able to work that soil for at least a week.  No telling when the cypress, azaleas, and junipers will finally be in the ground.

I knew I should have taken the day off yesterday.  It was cold and blustery but at least it was dry.

All my plants would have had such a good soaking today.

 I found Lemon Threadbrach Cypress at the supermarket for a better price than I was able to find at Lowe's or Home Depot so I grabbed three to plant in the Japanese garden.  When the rain stops!

The two dwarf Albert spruces I bought last winter to flank our breezeway are also coming out of their pots and making their way to this same garden.

The koi pond (above and right) is still not ready as the pump/filter system needs to be installed and I still have to find the right spitter (bronze frog would be great).

To the right flats of pachysandra are waiting to find their permanent home and the stone in the background is the focal point of a small shade garden we're creating with hostas, lily of the valley, bleeding hearts...

The huge rock in the foreground has crevices and little tufts of grass or weeds grow there with no trouble.  I'm wondering if I can't find something tiny to sprinkle in there that would grow.

At least the Royal Star magnolia got planted before the rains came.  The Japanese maple is barely starting to bud; I hope my $50 end-of-season find pulls through.

I feel like a little kid wanting to go outside and play not being able to.

I ache for a sunny day, a dry day, and no chores, work, phones, computers, hungry family so that I can just play in the dirt.

It's all I want.  Really.

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  1. Boy, do I know that feeling, to ache for a sunny day to get out in the dirt. We're drowning up here too. Your sweet little star magnolia looks lonely and wet! I just bought one ('Royal Star') but it's not planted yet.



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