Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Nice of you to make an appearance.

Yesterday, I was firmly believing that spring was going to pass us by.  Our high temperature was a whopping 47 degrees, completely overcast, and the threat of heavy rains loomed.

The rains came at around 7:00 PM and stayed through the night.

This morning, Mother Nature redeemed herself, and despite the wind, it actually felt like spring.

I got some work done in the Japanese garden, but seeing how this is new construction, I spend more time digging out rocks and decaying roots the contractors tilled back into the soil when they finished off the grade than I do gardening.

I'm not interested in having flowers in this space but I did get Rosebud Azaleas because they are "clean" when the blooms are spent and they are just downright pretty.  I'm not a fan of azaleas or rhododendrons or most of those things that I see way too many of in commercial landscapes.

The Bright Gold Threadleaf Cypress was a "must have" for its color, texture, and winter interest.

The gardens we saw in Thailand and Japan seemed to be very simple, with few varieties of shrubs, but plenty of plantings.  That's what we're looking to recreate here.  A five-foot deep koi pond (3,500 gallons) is embedded into the deck which will tie in nicely with the rest of the space.

I still don't know what I'm planting in front of and around the rock, and I'm not sure I know what I'm planting along the front of the deck.  I had originally thought to extend the juniper around the corner to the front of the deck, but I don't think I'm going to get enough sun there.

We'll be extending the juniper out and around the rock to create a sort of "fence" for that bed.  The deer don't like these and anything I can plant to keep them at bay is well worth the effort.


  1. This is so exciting! A clean slate...a new garden! Though i would find it hard to go with the 'no flowers' rule (with the azalea exception). But japanese gardens are KNOWN for their amazing foliage displays so I'll be eager to see your design unfold. Nothing prettier than the combo of gold cypress and red maple..have fun! Thanks for visiting me...glad to meet you, Wendy!

  2. As Lynn says, it must be exciting to work with a clean slate! Where I live, they would kick you out of town for your not liking azaleas. Ha ha, here in Augusta, GA they are a staple as much as iced tea in the summer time! I personally have only planted a few but our woods are full of them where the previous homeowners scattered them about...

    I would love to have your rocks but not every time I started to dig a hole. That must be tiresome when creating your garden…

  3. Skeeter,

    Most folks around here love azaleas, too. I'm the one with the issue. As for rocks, I love them all. Big, small, in between. The ones I dig out, I save. I pile them in hopes of one day creating a dry river bed.

    Lynn, working with foliage can be tricky but what a payoff! Things look good for soooo much longer. My mom is not a foliage person. She's all about flowers. She will be here next month and tell me I've lost my mind, but I do believe, in a couple of years when the garden has gone from sleep to leap, she will be in awe of what chartreuse, crimson, and dark plum can do.

    I just hope that I can duplicate in the garden what is so clear in my mind.

    Happy Easter to you both.... thank you for visiting!

  4. Hmmm.... some sort of sticky climbing plant would be nice by the rock. It could look half hidden and mysterious come the height of summer.



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