Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forest Rain or Rain Forest

Granted, nothing about Connecticut resembles a rain forest.

But we do have forests out here.

I'm surrounded by more than 5,000 acres of conservation land on one side and another 250 acres of forestry known as the Davis Farm.

Anytime we sit outdoors, our view is trees, trees, and more trees and all the wildlife that you would expect in such a setting.

An interesting thing happens out there.  It will not be raining anywhere, but if we listen, we will hear rain fall from within those trees.

Frank argued that what I was hearing was the movement and brushing of tree branches.  I disagreed.  I walked deep into those woods, deeply, while I heard that rain and I came out of those woods drenched to the bone.

I don't know what this is, but whatever it is, I look forward to hanging a double-wide hammock in the midst of those woods, swathing myself with buckets of Skin-So-Soft, and taking in that rain on those unbearably hot and humid evenings we know as July.


  1. How lucky for you to be surrounded by untouchable nature! We moved into a rual setting but the city is creeping our way, sigh... Sounds like you have a wonderful idea for that mystery rainfall...

  2. Remember a few years back, Wendy, when the gypsy moths were terrible? Hopefully they won't make a return anywhere near as great in the future, but if they do, listen closely and you will hear that "rain" again. The rain of insects, chomping down on the green canopy... and the resulting free-falling pooh which thankfully, never reaches the ground. LOL

  3. Gypsy pooh, Audrey. That visual is enough to make me move the hammock and hang it in the living room. :-p

    Skeeter, provided that we don't get the gypsy pooh, I'll post photos of the hammock, with me in it, book in one hand, and a cold glass of Chardonnay in the other.



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