Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

We woke up this morning to a dense fog and by 10:00 AM the sun had burned it off and left us with a magnificent, magnificent day.

After countless days of clouds and rains, the sun was mightily welcome and well received.  I'm sure my fellow Connecticut gardeners can appreciate what I'm saying.

Frank and I spent eight hours in the gardens today raking, hoeing, cleaning, building, and of course, planting

With the exception of one flat of pachysandras, everything went in.  The only reason the last flat of pachysandras didn't go in is because I really didn't know where to put them.  I know, but I don't know.

I found three more "gardens" today, all shade, two rather tiny, one rather sizable, and working the larger shade garden was going to be the death of me.  I wrestled maple roots, I wrestled bramble, I wrestled rocks.

I found four or five hostas I had planted last year (rescued from Tony and Wendy's garden) shortly after we moved in, and a bleeding heart that was a throw-away at a nursery.  I also remember planting a trilium I picked up at Home Depot last September for a whopping dollar but darn if I could find it today.

I used pachysandra liberally, but left room to perhaps intersperse a few more hostas between trees, between rocks.

Interesting thing about pachysandra... you can spend two hours planting a truckload but when you step back and take a photo, you can't see them.

Here's hoping these babies multiply and fill in these areas.

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