Monday, April 4, 2011


 I don't plant spring bulbs in the fall.

I plant them in the spring.

I do this because our Octobers and Novembers are too cold and wet for me.

The ground is wet and cold, my hands get wet and cold, I get wet and cold, and that makes me cranky.

I buy my bulbs at half price around December.  And then I leave them in the garage or breezeway so that they'll get cold.

I plant them in the spring and I get blooms that very year.

I have 170 bulbs to plant this weekend:  120 Oxford Tulips, 60 Dutch Irises, and 10 Anemones.

The tulips are red and I'm not a red-bloom-in-the-garden person.  I find red (and hot pink/fuchsia) rather garish, but I think I can work with these and put them somewhere where they'll stand alone.  Friends have suggested I add yellow to beds of red flowers but that starts to feel like a McDonald's sign, so no.... I think I'll let them stand alone.

The Dutch Irises are a different matter.  Those I really like.

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