Friday, April 8, 2011

Bleeding Heart - Alba

I bought three bags of bleeding hearts at Home Depot the other day and this is what I got when I opened up the bags.  I couldn't tell which end was up and had no idea how to plant them.  The instructions on the package offered little help.

After navigating through the Internet, I found a site that actually answered the question.  Or so I thought.

The writer said to plant these things with the "pointy side down and make sure the crown was at ground level".


What crown?

Okay.  So I've planted them with pointy sides down and have left what I believe to be the crown at grade level.  I also put a rock next to each one of these suckers as I am absolutely sure that I will forget where these things are buried and will never find them again.

I can see why some people prefer to just buy bleeding hearts and peonies and hostas in a pot from a nursery and pay three times the price!

1 comment:

  1. I planted roots for the first time this year, Christmas Ferns in my shade garden. We'll see how it goes before I purchase more.



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