Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Bit of Green

We have endured a brutal winter in New England.  There were days in January and February where we actually believed we were in Chicago (my hometown and Frank's favorite city).

We finally found a spot of green on several Montauk Daisies we had planted last fall.  This gives us great hope that winter is finally over and that something will actually flower this year.

These daisies have been planted in what I call My Father's Garden.  It is a memorial garden and I am committed to making it as beautiful as the man for whom it is named.

In this garden, we have coral bells, hostas, astilbes, and a pond Frank can't stand the sight of.  So we are removing the pre-formed pond and using EPDM liner to make a more natural-looking pond.  To do this, I have to dig up all the astilbes and heucheras that were planted last fall, as Frank has a natural tendency to step on everything underfoot.

Bleeding hearts and forget-me-nots are also going into this garden, but not until the pond issue is resolved.

The purpose of the pond is to attract more and more dragonflies and to house tadpoles and frogs.

Should we fail, we'll have a great breeding spot for mosquitoes.


  1. Yay mosquitos! You can always count on them ;)

  2. Mosquitoes have never failed me, Mary. Thank God for Skin-So-Soft. :-p



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